Team ApeX roster for the shooter moba Gigantic

  • dougthedoug

    Doug Armstrong

    I'm a graphic designer and gamer. I'm 23 and I've been playing competitive games/card games since I was a wee lad. In my younger days I took part in small trading card game tournaments for games like Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. My first organized, competitive experience in video games was Call of Duty 4: Mordern Warfare, which I played with my Game Battles clan. Since then I've played a large variety of games and achieved high ranks in top-down "mobas" like League of Legends and Dawngate. I play many other games casually on the side, but now Gigantic is my main focus. I am very proud of our team because everyone values hard work, positive group mentality and passion for competition. ...Read More

  • kittenlazer

    David Collins

    Hello everyone, I am David "kittenlazer" Collins and I am ex-competitive Strife player. I have been playing games since I was very young, but Strife was my first time in a competitive enviornment. I have been playing Strife since December 2013, but have been in transition to a new game because of the decline in competitiveness of Strife. That is when I found Gigantic. A friend of mine had told me about in in late August of 2014, and I kinda checked it out, but never really took interest in it until PAX East 2015 when I played it for the first time and fell in love with it. I formed ApeX in August of 2015 with the rest of the Gigantic crew. Stay tuned for more exciting info and videos of us!...Read More

  • Samurai_Ed

    Jason Boettcher

    My name is Jason "Samurai Ed" Boettcher and I'm 23 years old. I have competitive experience in CoD: Modern Warfare, Gears of War, and Shadowrun, but have been playing video games since I was a kid. Currently, I am a ranged carry player for ApeX's Gigantic team....Read More

  • Scougie

    Paul Williams

    Hello, I am Scougie. I am currently persuing becoming a Game Designer. I play every hero with the intention of breaking them. I generally play the role of front line/assassin for ApeX, but I can flex to just about every hero comfortably at this point, and usually do because playing engage in solo queue will tilt me off the face of the planet. ...Read More

  • Jaden

    Chris Yowpp

    My name is Christopher "Jaden Yowpp". I am a 21 year old computer science student and gamer. I have had an appreciation for the competitive aspect of video games since I was very young, as children, my close friend Anthony and I, would often compete in games like street fighter, and tekken. Prior to joining ApeX I spent a year or two becoming very good at CS:GO. As the alpha for Gigantic began, I played on several teams, however none of them displayed the passion, and camaraderie that ApeX has. For this reason, I am proud to play alongside Ed as the Ranged Carries, for ApeX....Read More

  • Tsornai

    Hello, I'm Tsornai, assassin/melee/ranged flex player for Team ApeX. I like strategic elements of games and enjoy watching and analyzing competition in any form whether it be League of Legends or American Football. Nowadays I typically play Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and Gigantic but in the past I have spent a lot of time playing things like BZFlag, custom Warcraft 3 maps, and World of Warcraft....Read More

  • rezoahc

    Zephan Chen

    Hi I'm Zephan "Rezoahc" Chen an analyst and sub for Team ApeX and currently a third year medical student. I am the longest active member in the Gigantic community and have been involved in Gigantic's developement for a long time. In Gigantic, you will most likely find me on a heavy ranged damage dealer or Tripp. Hope to see you in game!...Read More