Topic"DoT Build" Solo Queue Beckett

  • Thu 17th Nov 2016 - 12:28am
    Hey guys! My name is Samurai Ed, I have been playing Gigantic for around 2 years now, and I am one of the ranged players for Team ApeX. I specialize in high-damage ranged heroes such as Charnok, HK-206, and the hero featured in this guide, Beckett. In this Beckett guide, I'm going to be showing off the "DoT (Damage over Time) Build". I feel as though the DoT Build is a great build for players of any experience level, and will allow Beckett to unload a lot of damage within her effective range. Over the course of the guide I'll explain what upgrades I take at each level, explain why I choose to take the upgrade, and provide reasons to use alternative upgrades/rush other upgrades. This particular guide has A LOT of small changes you could make in the timing and choices of upgrades. I strongly encourage you to read the whole guide, but if you don't have time, or want to quickly reference it in-game, I'll provide a GGU build: DoT Build (the builder is a little out-dated, so check the end of the guide for my level 10 upgrade)
    DoT Build Beckett
    Strengths                                                                  Weaknesses
    - Big mid-game power spike                                       - Low range
    - Good escape                                                             - Low utility
    - HUGE damage
    - DoT's for utility/anti-assassin
    - Great Focus generation
    Level 1
    Q/LB Upgrade - Flame Cannon
    The first upgrade I take is Flame Cannon. This upgrade starts off the "DoT Build" by adding a burn to your cannon shots. I really like how well this cannon path allows me to deal with assassins. If a Tripp pops up on one of my back-line, one or two shots will force her off, and I can track her in invisibility with the burn to finish her off. The one down-side of this upgrade path is that I have to pick my battles, and position a little more carefully against ranged heroes like Voden and Charnok, as I won't have the range to continue trading after they back up.
    Level 2
    RMB/LT Upgrade - Tear Gas
    I add the Tear Gas upgrade to my arsenal at level 2 to get the other DoT in the build. Tear Gas is a great upgrade to give Beckett a little utility. With this upgrade, each time the Grenade bounces it leaves a pool of poison, so it's easy to start the poison DoT ticking on groups of enemies. Since the poison DoT cuts incoming healing by 50%, coating an area in the poison pools is a great way to counter a team with a Sven, Voden, or Vadasi. Another great use for Tear Gas is to combo the Grenade and Flame Cannon shot to stack both DoT's on an assassin who jumps on me, or my teammates to kill them, or make sure they stay out of the fight.
    Level 3
    Q/LB Upgrade - After Burner
    My level 3 upgrade is After Burner for my Switch Weapons ability. This upgrade is awesome for taking wounds and clustered team-fights. Even with the DoT, the majority of the cannon's damage comes from the initial impact, and this upgrade allows me to pierce and hit multiple people with one shot. Some areas in particular where this upgrade works especially well are Sanctum Falls E point, Siren's Strand D point, and The Ghost Reef (all of it).
    Level 4
    F/RT+LT Upgrade - Will to Power
    At level 4, I like to take the Will to Power stat upgrade. This is usually the point in the game where I get, or almost have, my first focus. After I take this upgrade, I find the first good opportunity to use my Focus and just burn it. Even if I unsuccessfully use that focus to try to pick someone, or make sure my team goes even in a team-fight, I get the 10% damage and front armor until I die. I try to play fights a little more safely after activating Will to Power so I don't die and lose the buff. If I have a focus, or am almost at one, I can start to play more risky again because I can just reset the buff after I respawn.
    Level 5
    RMB/LT Upgrade - Exhaust Fumes
    For my level 5 upgrade, I pick up Exhaust Fumes on my Grenade. With Exhaust Fumes, I'm going to be able to keep my poison up on the enemy team throughout every team fight, and I'm going to be able to cover a much larger area with the poison. This upgrade is especially nice when I'm up against a team with multiple healers, or a healer and a good assassin. I'm able to use my first grenade on the enemy team to zone and cut healing, then I can save my Jetpack reset for an assassin trying to attack the back-line. I can almost assure that anyone I target in a team-fight is going to have both of my DoT's ticking on them.
    Level 5 Passive Talent
    Passive Talent - Ready to Jet
    The Passive Talent I pick in the "DoT Build" is Ready to Jet. This passive pairs really nicely with this build, as it allows me the freedom to more safely do hit- and-run tactics with the low-range of my Flame Cannon. The 25 stamina I get on Jetpack use lets me be a little more reckless with how I position and use my stamina. It also synergizes really well with the Rocketpack upgrade I take later in this build to make my escape incredibly strong. Everyone loves a little extra stamina.
    Level 6
    F/RT+LT Upgrade - Refocus
    I take the Refocus stat upgrade at level 6 to give myself some extra focus generation. With the Refocus buff active, Beckett has really high focus generation, and I can easily have a focus once per team-fight. Once I take this stat upgrade, I want to use my focus in a similar way as when I took Will to Power earlier. In the time between when I took Will to Power and when I take Refocus, I've probably died at least once, so I want to be sure that I'll be able to actually use a focus soon after taking this stat upgrade, or I might as well have taken a different upgrade to build focus. After I've used my focus and have the Refocus buff, I want to play a little more safely to make sure that if I'm going to die, I have/almost have another focus to re-activate the buff. The buffs from Will to Power and Refocus will both be applied with the use of one focus (you don't have to focus once for each buff).
    Level 7
    E/RB Upgrade - Rocketpack
    If the game has gone well, I can save my Rocketpack upgrade for level 7, after I get my damage upgrades. The speed boost on sprint+Jetpack will end once Beckett jumps, but if you plan to use it on a stretch of terrain it's about as fast as Tripp's kick (pretty damn fast). Pairing this upgrade with the Ready to Jet passive makes Jetpack an crazy good escape. Since Rocketpack is just sprint-activation, it can be activated from 2 stamina if timed right. So I can sprint, activate Jetpack instantly, cruise on the movement speed boost, then save the 25 stamina to continue sprinting away after the boost ends.
    Level 8
    LMB/RT Upgrade - Heavy Weapons
    Level 8 is when I start putting points in my pistols with Heavy Weapons. Since pistol upgrades don't really contribute much to my overall consistent damage with this build, I can save them for later on in Clash to have extra wound and creature pressure. The Heavy Weapons upgrade gives me some extra ammo in each pistol clip so I can burn tanks, creatures, and wounds a lot easier without having to wait as much on reload times and weapon swaps.
    Level 9
    LMB/RT Upgrade - Close Quarters
    I want to finish off my pistol upgrades at level 9 with Close Quarters. Close Quarters adds a bit more damage on the pistols within "close range." The range to proc the damage bonus is pretty forgiving, and many of the times I feel I need/want to use pistols puts me within this range. The idea behind this upgrade is basically the same as Heavy Weapons, in that it's some extra damage against tanks, creatures, and wounds. The pistols are more of a secondary in this build and can be really useful, but heroes like Charnok, Voden, Mozu, and HK are going to be able to deal similar damage from the same, or further range, which makes it dangerous to unload a clip of pistol ammo.
    Level 10
    E/RB Upgrade - Blast Away
    The last upgrade I take is Blast Away for my Jetpack. I like the Blast Away upgrade more than Ignition Switch because it can be used in more creative and less situational ways. Usually, I only want to use my Jetpack speed boost to move straight away from the enemy threats, but it can be nice to have that extra push for the Tyto spinning on me. Additionally, Ignition Switch only applies the burning to the ground I speed boost over, so if I only use half (or less) the distance of the speed boost before jumping to a safe spot, the burning AoE is pretty useless. At worst, the push isn't utilized very much, at best it saves my life.
    Upgrade Timings and Alternatives
    Will to Power/Refocus - The majority of deviation in upgrade timing in this build comes around levels 4-7 and the Will to Power/Refocus stat upgrades. This is around the time where I'm trying to figure out when I want to take Will to Power. In the order listed above, I said take Will to Power at level 4 because that's around the time I get my first focus, but that comes with some stipulations. Since the Will to Power buff requires a focus to be activated, if I've already used my focus, or am far away from a focus for any reason, I will delay this upgrade for either Exhaust Fumes or Rocketpack. I follow the exact same rules for the Refocus stat upgrade. If I'm nowhere near a focus, I want to take a delay this upgrade for a different one until I'm closer to using my focus.
    Rocketpack - If I am being targeted a lot or notice I'm positioning in risky spots, I take this upgrade around level 4-6 instead of level 7. If you keep dying because you feel like you don't have enough escape with the regular Jetpack, take this upgrade earlier to make sure you stay alive (you can't deal damage if you're dead).
    Concussion Grenade -> Smart Grenade - This Grenade path isn't any worse than the Tear Gas -> Exhaust Fumes path. The Concussion Grenade upgrade provides an armor crack against tanky heroes, and the Smart Grenade upgrade deals a whopping 400 damage on impact. The armor crack path will usually deal about 100 more damage than the poison path, because you can't ensure the enemy is going to keep proccing your poison for the whole duration. If the enemy team has a Margrave (high armor), HK-206 (high armor), and Vadasi (potential AoE armor and high healing), I'll still take the poison path to negate the Vadasi healing even though they have that much armor, because cutting the healing is that valuable. If the enemy team doesn't have a healer, I'll happily take the armor crack path. If I'm going to take this upgrade path, I'll take the upgrades at levels 3-4 and then continue the same build after.
    Sharp Shooter -> Tactical Shooter - The other pistol path is really good as well. This path makes the pistol fire in a 5-round burst, which gives Beckett the ability to peek a little more effectively with pistols. I feel as though taking this upgrade path doesn't lead to Beckett wanting to use the pistols very differently. You will deal more damage to targets that you hit in the back, but it's not quite as consistent as the extra ammo path. In reality, the pistol path you take comes down to preference. I feel as though the extra ammo path gives me an easier time dealing damage to creatures and wounds, but the comparison of actual numbers is pretty much the same on both paths.
    Passive Talent: Outgunned - Outgunned is another really good passive talent. This upgrade is going to increase the damage from both your pistols and cannon by 10% (20% in Clash), and can add up to a good bit of extra damage. If you're planning on doing more back-line protection, positioning safely, and doing less hit-and-run with Beckett, this is an awesome upgrade and can add some extra damage to prolonged team-fights.
    Passive Talent: Grenadier - The passive talent for the Grenade ability reduces the cooldown of your Grenade ability by 2 seconds (total -4s cooldown in Clash). I don't find this passive more useful than Ready to Jet or Outgunned, but it can synergize really nicely with the Tear Gas -> Exhaust Fumes upgrade path. Pairing the Exhaust Fumes upgrade with the Grenadier passive will lower the Grenade cooldown to 1 second after using the Jetpack reset.
    If you've read this much, I applaud you and appreciate that you took the time. I plan to continue editing this guide page as patches change things, or I choose to put more work in. If you have any questions or comments about my Beckett solo queue "DoT Build", feel free to leave them below and I'll try to get back to you when I see it.
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