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    Hey everyone! It’s dougthedoug, from ApeX, here with a guide to help you succeed in solo queue with Uncle Sven. Uncle Sven has seen a lot of changes since his days of solo queue carrying, but he still has the tools to be an offensive and a defensive force. The build in this guide will be an all-around solo queue Sven build, which will allow you to support your allies, debuff and damage your enemies, and generate focus for creature upgrades and game-changing focuses. If you want to bypass reading this guide and go straight to the build, it can be found here (final upgrade would be “Acid Reflex”). It should be noted that this build is intended for players who have already gotten used to Sven’s lobs and basic mechanics. If you are just starting out on Uncle Sven you may choose to take more AOE-based abilities instead of abilities with on-hit effects.


    Science Brawl Sven pros:                                   

    - Good on-hit damage, both burst and sustained                               

    - Lots of utility (armor break, knock-back, heal, cleanse, armor buff, polymorph, etc.)

    - Mobility (Q)

    - Not much ability comboing required

    - High Survivability

    - Great in solo queue since it excels at dueling


    Science Brawl Sven cons:

    - Not as much utility as support Sven

    - Less healing than support Sven

    - Requires at least decent precision with Sven’s flasks to be effective


    Level 1


    LMB/RT Upgrade - 3, 2, 1, Contact

    The first upgrade I take when I get in the game is 3, 2, 1, Contact. Since players usually spend early game poking, this boost to your LMB damage (~85 boosted to ~113 on normal-armor targets) can help you win ranged trades and force an enemy player out of a neutral summon point you want to control. Your LMBs also deal splash damage, so aim for clusters of enemies when possible.


    Level 2


    RMB/LT Upgrade - A Mean Ol Acid

    At level 2 I recommend rounding out your early game on-hit harass with A Mean Ol Acid, which causes your RMB to do bonus damage (~48 impact +3(10) in pool boosted to ~136+3(10)) on direct hit. Remember that using RMB before your other damaging spells, Q and LMB, will make them deal more damage. This puts your total RMB+LMB burst damage at 259+3(10), which is ~15-20% of most squishy hero’s HP. These spells are useful in poke wars against ranged enemies and against melee heroes who find their way into your back line. Be sure to place this skill on the largest grouping of enemies you can so you spread the damage (impact only hits one enemy, but aoe can damage multiple) and armor crack, unless you are trying to focus a specific target down.


    Level 3


    E/RB Upgrade - Only the Purest Ingredients

    This upgrade is very straight forward. Only the Purest Ingredients causes your healing flask to cleanse all allies who are in its AOE when it makes impact with something. Use it to cleanse yourself of DOTs, slows, cripples, roots, or anything else that classifies as a “debuff” (this does not include hit-reactions like launch, pull, daze or interrupt). This does not buff your heal at all, which means it stays at the base 250 burst heal, plus 2 ticks of 50hp in the pool.


    Level 4


    LMB/RT Upgrade - Igniter Fluid

    Igniter Fluid adds 93 damage to each LMB, multiplied by the number of enemies you hit. Note that the burn procs in the entire splash damage radius. This upgrade is really great if you want to be able to duel other players with Sven. When combined with A Mean Ol Acid, your LMB+RMB combo gets bumped up to ~394+3(10). That’s ~30% of a squishy hero’s hp bar. You may choose to take this upgrade earlier in lieu of the RMB and E upgrades I list in this guide, but I typically find it more useful to take the extra utility and RMB damage early and round out the LMB damage as I progress into the mid-game.


    Level 5


    F/RS+LS Upgrade - Enthusiasm

    Enthusiasm is an amazing upgrade that gives you bonus focus when you get direct hits with any of your flasks. Sven’s focus is really great in duels and even better in full team fights. However, his focus is one of the few in the game that is significantly more useful at tiers 2 and 3 than it is at tier 1. His tier 3 focus polymorphs enemies for 6 full seconds (2s/4s/6s with each tier), which is enough to completely win any 1v1 duel and enough to completely turn a fight/retreat in your team’s favor. I take this upgrade at this stage in the game since it is typically when creature upgrades and teamfights become more impactful, especially if Clash has already started. For reference on roughly how much faster you gen focus: it takes ~63 LMBs for 1 focus bar without this upgrade. With the upgrade it takes ~50, which means the LMB gets about a 20% increase in focus gen. Both the Q and the RMB, however, go from 28 hits needed for 1 focus to 20 hits needed, which is a 30% increase in focus gen. His E goes from needing 42 shots per focus all the way down to 18, which is almost a 45% increase in focus gen. Keep these numbers in mind when you are trying to generate focus. Also remember that dealing AOE damage will multiply your focus gain, so look for chances to use your AOE to your advantage.


    Level 5 Passive Talent


    Passive Talent - Ooze and Ahhs

    For this build I recommend taking Ooze and Ahhs, which reduces Sven’s Q cooldown by 2 seconds at lvl 5, then by another 2 seconds when clash starts. While his other talents have effective uses, I think Ooze and Ahhs is generally the most useful. Even though we have not upgraded our Q yet in this build, this talent is still worth picking up. The default knock-back and the new, better super-jumps make Sven’s base effects on Elastic Ooze very valuable. Once you upgrade his Q (at level 6), this talent becomes even more effective.


    Level 6


    Q/LB Upgrade - Bounces off Me...

    Bounces off Me grants 25 armor to any ally who comes in contact with Sven’s Elastic Ooze projectile or its AOE. This is great for buffing yourself in a duel or for giving your allies an armor boost as peel or at the start of a fight to mitigate some incoming damage. The buff lasts for three seconds so you can super jump or run in and out of it and maintain the armor buff. The bubble lasts on the ground for 4 seconds, which means you can maintain the armor buff for up to 7 seconds. This build sets this skill’s cooldown to 8s in clash, which means you can maintain an ~87% uptime on your armor buff.  


    Level 7


    Q/LB Upgrade - Absorption Matrix

    At level 7 take Absorption Matrix. This boosts your heal by 500hp total per ally hit, which is a huge bump to healing on individuals and on groups of allies. The catch is that this healing is granted over time, in 50 hp/s ticks. This healing is great when combined with the cleanse effects on your E and the armor buff on your Q. This combination of Q and E upgrades allows you to get out of almost any situation you find unfavorable. Note that the ticks of 50 hp healing stack with the 50 hp healing from your pool, which puts your total potential healing at 850 per ally hit.


    Level 8


    E/RB Upgrade - Persistent Purgative

    To round off the Utility of this build, we’ll pick up Persistent Purgative at level 8. This upgrade gives you immunity to negative effects for 6s. This is basically an extended cleanse that lasts on allies for 6 entire seconds after they have been struck by Sven’s E. Just like with the initial cleanse, use it to keep you and your allies clear of DOTs, slows, cripples, roots, or anything else that classifies as a “debuff” (this does not include hit-reactions like launch, pull, daze or interrupt). Using this skill in tandem with your upgraded Q is a great way to help your team start a fight off on the right foot. 3s of armor boost + 50hp/s healing + 6s of persistent cleanse is enough to keep a team on the better side of any brief skirmish or trade.


    Level 9


    F/RS+LS Upgrade - Powerful Chemistry

    At level 9 we accentuate the on-hit effect aspect of this build with Powerful Chemistry. After using focus, your LMBs are buffed to deal 129 damage on impact, with 3 ticks of 36 damage burn. This puts your RMB+LMB combo at ~428+2(10), which is about 35% of a squishy hero’s HP. Don’t be afraid to let out your inner assassin at this stage in the game. This build is called Science Brawl Sven for a reason. You have very high burst damage, sustained damage, burst heal, sustained heal, sustained armor buff and high focus gen. As long as you take a favorable fight (no 1v5 hero plays), you should not die. If you find yourself taking more damage than you’re dealing, don’t be afraid to use your focus to disengage/reengage. Also be sure to use your super jump/armor buff as often as possible, whether you are using it on yourself or on allies.


    Level 10


    RMB/LT Upgrade - Acid Reflex

    The final upgrade in this build is Acid Reflex. Both of Sven’s T2 upgrades on his on-hit RMB tree are kind of underwhelming, but I typically prefer the CDR from Acid Reflex over the bonus damage on Rapid Reaction. Rapid Reaction is supposed to boost the damage on your RMB direct hits by 40 damage for the first three seconds. However it currently only grants bonus damage for the second and third second. That extra 100 damage is still great in an on-hit build like this one, but I usually prefer the 7s cooldown so I can armor break a new target 30% more often. If Rapid Reaction (RR) were working properly it may be enough to warrant using it over Acid Reflex (AR). However, in general I would recommend taking RR if you are going for bursty trades and AR if you are finding yourself in extended engages or if you find yourself needing armor crack on multiple targets.


    Upgrade Timing and Alternatives

    Timing can change on any upgrade in this build. If you need more focus early take Enthusiasm earlier. If you want more burst damage take your LMB upgrades earlier. This build is purely a recommendation, so experiment with timing and order in various scenarios.

    With that in mind, here are a couple changes you can make to this build to fill very different roles on a team, to alter how you approach trades or to accommodate skill level.

    • On LMB, take 3, 2, 1, Contact into Burned and Broken if you are against a high-armor team. Heroes like Margrave, Aisling, HK, Sven, Vidasi and Wu can be considered high-armor targets who may warrant this upgrade path.

    • If you are still learning Sven’s lobs and want a little more forgiving AOE on your LMB attacks, try using the Flame Out path. This path increases the AOE of your LMBs, but reduces the fire rate and damage (85 damage down to 72). Even though damage is reduced, the AOE is larger, which makes it easier to hit multiple targets and can still output decent damage. If this is the path you choose to upgrade on your LMB, I recommend taking Flame Out into Slow Roasted. Slow Roasted adds another 78 damage to each hero hit by your LMBs, bringing the total to 150 per LMB per target. DO NOT TAKE GEEK FIRE. Geek Fire only deals 93 (3*31) damage in its AOE once every 6 seconds. This is far less useful than the 78 bonus damage per target per LMB that you get from Slow Roasted.

    • Sven’s alternative RMB path is the Longevity Catalyst path. This path causes your RMB pool to stay on the ground twice as long (6s), which can be doubled again by the Tier 2 (T2) upgrades for a total debuff AOE time of 12s. It does not add much damage (a flat 30 with just the T1), which is why it wasn’t included in my build, but it is great at filling a more defensive niche. The T2 upgrades give you the option of creating a fiery AOE with an RMB+LMB combo or creating a debuff immunity zone (similar to Only the Purest Ingredients) with an RMB+E combo. Take the fiery AOE if you are trying to control zones with pure damage in a fight. The flames deal okay AOE damage, but are not a consistent source of damage given their 10s cooldown. The other T2 is Inversion Reaction, which creates a debuff immunity zone on your acid pool when you hit it with your healing flask. This is great if you are playing a support-y role since you can debuff the enemy team while simultaneously buffing your own front line. This is a skill that is harder to use well on Sven, but it can be great if it is used correctly.

    • Sustained Abilities into Elusiveness can be great if you find yourself on the front line often. Dodge for +20 armor that lasts 3s and use less stamina with your abilities. These two qualities can do a lot to improve your survivability in heated fights. Sustained Abilities into Amity can be great as well, but only if you can be sure you or your team will be able to finish off kills in a fight.

    • Double Dose into Precise Prescription is my favorite path on Sven’s E if I am playing Sven in the support role. The extra 250 healing (25*10s or [52*2]+[25*10s] if you stand in the pool) is very useful in brief and extended engages. Although it doesn’t stack efficiently with Absorption Matrix, it still makes for a great early game upgrade. An ally who is hit by the flask and stands in the pool will be healed for a total of 13 seconds from an ability that has a 15 second cooldown. Precise Prescription increases your burst heal by 100 if the target ally is below 50% hp. This boost will affect any ally in the explosion AOE who is below 50%. The alternative upgrade is Healthy Glow, which creates a healing aura around each ally who is hit by Sven’s healing flask. I find this upgrade less useful since I have less control over how my teammates group than I do over my ability to save people with a bigger burst heal from Precise Prescription.



    Try out what I’ve written in this guide, but don’t take it as the only way to play Sven. There are plenty of build paths and orders that you can try for yourself and different combinations you can use for different scenarios. I hope you have found this guide useful! Enjoy bouncing around with your nips out!


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