TopicWant To Make Your Penis Grow Longer? Here Are 3 Tips To Know On How You Can Grow Inches

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 10:26am

    When having sex, gently thrust as deep as you could. However, only withdraw an inch or two Testo Drive 365 Review  from time to time while your penis is still deep inside her vagina. Therefore, when you are thrusting, your penis is staying deep inside her vagina. Therefore, your glans will stay deep inside her as well. When your glans are not staying too close to the entrance to her vagina (which is the tightest and most stimulating factor to your glans), your glans will be less stimulated, thus, your ejaculation could be delayed.

    This is not an article to explore why you are suffering from ED. You will read no facts and figures here or be given any advice about what to or not to eat of drink prior to sexual activity. This is a simple guide to improving your mental/emotional state towards sexual performance.The word performance is loaded in itself and adds pressure to the act of sex. Hence the term 'performance anxiety'. I use the word purposefully as it takes center stage in what I have to teach. All great coaches will agree that practice makes perfect when it comes to performance whatever your wish to excel in. Unfortunately sexual performance doesn't enjoy this luxury of practice in the real sense. Maybe you can enjoy an erection when 'going solo' only to find that you feel disconnected when faced with the real thing.

    Let's just say that the human mind is complex and fires off all kinds of messages that have been stored in relation to the sexual act. It is here that you can do some real work on yourself.I will assume that you have at some point in your life enjoyed a healthy sexual relationship. It may have been back in your youth or early 20's. When it was doesn't really matter. What matters is that you have a memory of it. Accepting that memory isn't a perfect recall system (we all distort our experiences even within a short time period to suit our needs)


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