TopicHow to Lose Baby Weight With These 5 Easy Tips

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 9:47am

    The journey to successful weight loss is a decision and it starts Wildfit  from what you eat and how you eat it. Try out the healthy eating tips shared above here and start your efforts on a sound footing so you can have the body of your dreams soon.Most people are lead to believe that wheat being a grain is a healthy food especially whole wheat. Products made from wheat would include all types of breads, cakes and cookies.. But don't be fooled, wheat when processed is a fattening food.What you ought to know is that you should not be eating large quantities of wheat because your digestive system was never designed to digest large amounts of wheat in your diet. Unrefined wheat in its natural form is healthy. Hence consuming wheat grains is healthy. On the other hand, processed wheat, even whole grain in the form of breads, cakes and cookies are fattening. So stay away from them if you want to lose weight. If consumed in large quantities, they will make you fat!

    Go ahead and test this. Eliminate wheat from your diet for a month and see if you start to lose weight. You'll definitely see the difference. Not only will you shed pounds quickly but you'll also feel great. For those of you who are intolerant to gluten, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that your headaches and indigestion would have stopped. Some of you may even experience clearer complexions or that your acne has cleared up. I've had clients who have reported that they no longer suffer from allergies or sinusitis. With all these benefits, giving up wheat products for a while is certainly worth trying.What if I told you that fruit juice is also another fattening food? Would you be surprised? Well, you shouldn't be. Fruits are a very healthy form of nutrition. They contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes and much needed fiber to help you in your weight loss goals.However, I can't say the same for fruit juice. Once you extract the juice from the fruit, you're drinking a very high calorie high sugar liquid which, without a doubt, has all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes but minus the other beneficial components. One such component is the much needed fiber.

    I don't have to tell you that drinking fruit juice is going to spike your blood sugar making you crave for more carbohydrates. When you consume a whole fruit, the fiber content will slow down spikes in your blood sugar levels, hence keeping you feeling satiated for longer periods. The missing fiber component in fruit juices will cause a quick spike in your blood sugar level, followed by a drop. This will make you feel hungry and you'll end up either drinking more fruit juice or you'll start filling up on carbs in order to satisfy your appetite. Before you know it, you've consumed more calories than planned. So fruit juice, although considered to be healthy, is another food that will spike up your weight.To stay healthy and reach your weight loss goals, the healthier choice would be to eat whole foods. Consume grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables whole and unprocessed. Drink only water and unsweetened teas. If you must sweeten your drinks, then use honey or maple syrup. They contain nutrients. When you're getting sufficient nutrients, you'll feel full. When your appetite is satiated, you're less likely to overeat.


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