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  • Thu 23rd May 2019 - 9:49am

    Skin tightening is brought about by using radio waves to vibrate water molecules Derma Correct Reviews  within the tissues. This vibration causes friction which, as you will know from rubbing your hands together in cold weather, causes heat. This heat causes shrinking of collagen fibres which in turn leads to skin tightening. The process takes up to six months to complete and the final assessment is carried out approximately two months after the fourth session.

    By delivering the radio waves more deeply they penetrate through the skin into the fat and cellulite below. The heat generated by the radio waves causes the fat cells membranes to rupture and extrude their contents. Shrinkage of the fat cells then takes place which in turn reduces the overall thickness of the fatty layer. No fat cells are actually removed or destroyed in the process.

    Can it treat all body areas? Thighs, buttocks and abdomen respond well to this treatment, which tightens the overlying skin at the same time, preventing the slackened skin look which can accompany weight loss alone. Radio Frequency is also ideal for smaller problem areas such as knees and "Bingo Wings", always difficult to tackle with diet and exercise. Eight to ten fortnightly sessions are required, depending on the severity of the problem. Improvement is seen during the course of treatment and skin tightening can carry on for up to three months following the final session.

    Are the effects permanent? Sadly in the field of ageing and body changes nothing is permanent. As most people realise, a face lift will usually last several years but in individuals with extremely elastic skin this can be reduced down to months. With regard to facial skin tightening we feel that most clients will see improvement lasting up to two years but some will choose to undergo "top up" sessions occasionally to keep the effect going. Because this treatment is delivered as a course of monthly sessions for the face, it is possible to offer top ups in this way.



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