TopicHow To Stimulate Natural Collagen and Stay Young! (Guaranteed)

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 10:41am

    It also helps to remove the much-dreaded dark circles surrounding the eyes. American Natural Super Collagen The overall effect is to make the skin glow and revive the plumpness that we associate with the skin of a young adult. A good under eye serum will be light enough to gently slide under the skin without causing any irritation.
    Some of the ingredients that make under eye serum a great product to use are copper peptides, argireline, eyeliss, gaba, haloxyl, resveratrol, acai berry extract etc. Some also contain ingredients like soy and rice peptides along with hyaluronic acid combined with seaweed extracts.

    As you can see, it is an entirely natural way of treating the dark circles, wrinkles or puffiness. It is like giving your skin back what was taken from it due to aging.An Argireline eye serum would contain Argireline or in scientific terms Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. Typically, a useful formulation will have a minimum of 10% Argireline since that is the requirement that scientific studies have suggested. Some recommendations include as high a dose as 25%. The ingredient comes from a Spanish company called Lipotec.

    This makes it expensive considering all the import duties et al. So why should you go for an eye serum containing this compound in required proportions? Here are some benefits that you should consider Effective Removal of Wrinkles - The Argireline eye serum will truly reduce your wrinkles. This has been proven by means of a scientific study which shows that application of Argireline cream for 30 days resulted in a 30% reduction in wrinkles. The reduction happens due to the inhibition of neurotransmitters, and consequently facial expressions, that it effects.


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