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  • Mon 13th May 2019 - 10:53am

    In America, we were different than most other nations. We were a Constitutional Republic. Individualogist Review The power was in the hands of the people. Our rules were found in its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution. Our Founding Fathers respected God and His Word. Our Founding Documents were based on Christian principles. Our laws were based on the Ten Commandments. Our schools were called grammar schools. The students of these schools used the Bible as their textbook. They learned Greek and Hebrew so they could read the Bible in its original languages. The New England Primer used Bible doctrine to teach the children the alphabet. Our Founding Fathers were trained in these schools. We had the Bible and prayer in our schools until they were removed in the 1960's. Since God has been removed from our national life, America has been going down hill. To deny these facts does not change them.

    The question is "Will you go against the King" For many the answer is "Yes" You see, the King we have gone against is not an earthly king at this present time. He is not sitting on a throne somewhere in an earthly absolute monarchy. The King is The King of kings and the Lord of lords. The King is the Lord Jesus Christ. His throne is situated by the right hand of God the Father. He is the eternal Son of God. He is also the Son of Man. His rightful throne is in the hearts and lives of His people.

    Jesus told Pilate, "My kingdom is not of this world if My kingdom were of this world, then would My servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now is My kingdom not from here." Some day this King will have a kingdom on the New Earth. He will be the King of this New Earth. He will pull down all rival kings from their thrones. Those who have made Him their King will rule with Him upon this New Earth after this present earth is removed and a New Heaven and a New Earth are established on the principles of righteousness and true holiness. The beginning of Jesus' kingdom on this earth started the day He was born in a manger nearly 2000 years ago. It will be a reality at the end of this Church Age. There is no power in the whole universe that can keep this from happening.

    "Will you go against the King" Some are, but it would be a good idea for you to surrender your life to His Lordship before He comes back to set up His kingdom here. To go against the King is to miss out on all His kingdom blessings. Be advised This universe belongs to God. He has determined that His Son will rule the New Earth with a "rod of iron." It would be a very good idea for you not to go against the King.


  • Sat 25th May 2019 - 9:37pm

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  • Mon 24th Jun 2019 - 3:03pm

    In my opinion, we should stop using the Bible as a political instrument. This is against all the rules and morality. Sometimes I steal essays from and this is wrong, too but it will never compare to politicians' lie.

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