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  • Mon 6th May 2019 - 3:18am

    Hi, I hope you are good, and you will always be energetic. Today, I want to talk about a discussion of how you can and what sites you can use to quickly get traffic on your link, and you can click traffic on these visitors click on your links and you can target them and Work today. I will teach you how to find these channels and what site you can quickly attract visitors to. So, let's follow the tutorials.


    10 Web sites or methods that you can organically track traffic to your website or link.


    Well, friends of 10 websites or the way you can organically trap traffic on your website or links, I'll show you this tutorial.

    • YouTube 

    the first option I suggest to you is YouTube .com. You can download videos related to the subject matter you chose or the subject of your website or the topic of the links that you selected in marketing affiliates and come up with related topics and find them to come up with these comics. Comment Not only copy and paste your link, but a good one or two paragraphs about the subject or product that you must make a description and, in the end, add the link to make it good traffic You can absorb here. YouTube one of the most powerful website you can drive traffic to any website through YouTube and boost any website with their targeted web traffic.

    • Quora

    The second website I want to tell you to use is Quora. com website. This website is a question and question website that most people ask questions about here and asking questions, and there are many different answers to this question. For example, if I'm going to type this and the marketplace for my business, there are a lot of questions that you can ask about it, and then you can choose the subject and after you have chosen the subject, we now We arrive at a channel that has about 744,000 people. You see, here you can answer one for every question, a good answer, and this requires that you have English mastery, or at least you can have two paragraphs in one Provide English content and link to the question of these friends inside the answer that he writes This put me in the van. I emphasize that you are not expecting to just copy the link here and make people clicks, this is not possible. You should provide valuable information and useful information to give you feedback from there. Be sure to check this out because the traffic coming from this website is very high on the links and if you manage it well, a very large volume of traffic and viewers from this website to your website or your links will be redirected.

    • Twitter


    The third web site I suggest for you is you know. Twitter has a system that sends you to Google on Twitter if you can post anything you want. If you choose weight loss or loss of weight in your affiliate marketing website, for example, if I go to "weight loss fast", you will see articles or conversations or groups that refer to Weight loss is displayed here. You can enter and follow the topics and people and get your link. And, of course, I would like to emphasize that there are some explanations about the subject you want to link to. Or, for example, ask questions about how to reduce my weight, which you can see an offer, and, in the end, you will be offered a link. You can get very good feedback for your website or link.

    • LinkedIn

    next website I recommend is You can combine a few paragraphs of the subject from different sites and optimize them, and end the links to the link, affiliate link, or website, and you will see this very good feedback because it really is organic traffic and Guide your website towards you if you can get some good stuff here.

    • reddit

    next website I want to introduce to you is, this website is made up of several channels and people are here to share their questions and answers here with other friends, you can find here. And post articles and introduce your links to these articles to people. About the articles that you write, let's take your own ideas and put your links at the bottom of these comments, and this is the form of this. Get a great US State targeted traffic.

    • Facebook Groups

    The next way I suggest to you is Facebook on Facebook, you will be logged in to any topic or goal you want to do, and the group you are looking for on Facebook after you have made the issue. You will be introduced to a lot of things that you can go to these groups and present your own content and put into the contents of your links. All of this is what I'm offering you. There are some ways that you do not need a personal website to get traffic, or you can get help from these websites.


    • Blogs

    The next method I suggest to your friends is to get blogs related to the topics you want to do, for example, if you are involved in marketing or if your product is marketing or weighing down, let's go. Find out about these famous blog posts on Google, for example, I've just found blogging on digital marketing. I can post into these blogs and write inside my blog post to write my own comments in the form of a paragraph. And at the end of this text, I put my link to the reader to the direction of my link and on Click it.

    one of the best ways you can attract traffic on your website or link to the forums, as our fields of activity are English websites and our products are English, I have come to blogs and I will show you English forums. You can open it on Google and find popular forums about any topic you are active in your marketplace and you know that you have certainly seen Persian forums that have questions and questions about each of these topics. It's open to you to answer these questions and open the link at the end of these responses, do not imagine that by copying and pasting the link, people will click on your link, not by any means. And be sure to create content that attracts attention in these forums and blogs and expresses the method of clicks.


    • Instagram

    Another way I recommend for you, and many American are comfortable and well versed in Instagram, you can find on Instagram a screw that has very high flavors, at 100,000 to One million flashcards and each post has over a few tens of thousands of comments or comments, you can write a brief overview of the subject matter of the post that is linked to your product and, in the end, link yourself. Check out the Instagram self-portrait link so that you attract users to your site and Follow it on your own link that many Americans are comfortable with and have a lot of positive outcomes and can use it and do some good work.

    • WhatsApp

    Which has a lot of users and you can search on Google, open the topics you chose for your goods, which now, in the context of Weight Loss, Digital Marketing, Bitcoin, or whatever you want to do about it, and groups You will find the link in WhatsApp to enter those groups and within them, you and your content, your posts will be as high as 100 or 200 words in one paragraph, and you will copy the link at the end of these threads, this way You can use these 10 great organic traffic websites or buy website traffic to attract your own links and websites. And in this way, you come without a cost and significant traffic to pull the threads. I hope this session is useful to you, and in the following sessions, I will teach you other methods for one more, one more, more specialized topic. Good luck.

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