TopicSurvey Shows US Families Who Can't Pay Hospital Bills Still High

  • Tue 16th Apr 2019 - 6:20am

    I think I have an eating Fungus Hacks    disorder on top of that. Some would not call it a disorder, others would not. I think its just a bad habit. I find that I tend to eat too much when I'm down or in the past, severely depressed. Depression often leaves one feeling empty. I had severe, disabling depression for many years. One obvious way to help with that empty feeling is to eat too much. I still enjoy doing that, maybe once a week. I'm always hungry so for a little while. Usually, I eat too much chicken but the other day, I really had fun with a pizza. Yeah rip me apart if you like. I'm glad I ate it, so bite me. LAUGH. While you're doing that, I'll bite the pizza.No one is more worried about my health than me. I think I'm dying. Yes, I know we all are. Have you ever had one doctor give you five years. While another said it is unlikely I'll see 55. That was a few years back. I'm 51. Walking would help. For the last year I have been tortured with rashes. They come in the form of poison ivy like blisters. They get much worse when I get hot. Wonder how much walking you'd do if you broke out into blisters every time you set foot beyond the comfort of air conditioning. Where the itching is constant for a year. Yeah I know, I can hear the thought "you are just lazy."

    None of that really is the point of this article. The point is stop hurting your friends by constantly reminding they are fat. I so want to be slim and good looking again. People reject fat people, usually without realizing it but sometimes they do. Hey, I understand, I think my body is gross. I wont even look in the mirror if I am unclothed. I avoid it at least.You know, you might have wart on your nose. Maybe one of your eyes is a little lower than the other. I would never dream of pointing it out when talking to a friend or stranger. That would be considered rude. However, its quite okay to make poke fun at overweight people, or so our culture indicates. Geesh though, maybe we should start making a point of your big nose.

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