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  • Wed 20th Mar 2019 - 11:36am

    If you're anything like me I tried to reduce my expenses on diabetes supplies  Blood Balance Formula Review  by buying cheaper test strips but they just don't seem to work as well. Plus, when I buy the cheap strips I feel like they might not be telling me an exact measurement of my blood sugar level. If I am unsure about my glucose level I really don't feel comfortable eating the foods that I love and enjoy.

    Diabetes is a serious problem that has few symptoms but largely operates in a huge section of any given population with absolutely no symptoms yet inflicting life changing damage. There are essentially three types of diabetes namely type 1 and type 2 and also gestational diabetes which affect pregnant women. Dealing wisely with diabetes involves taking lifestyle modifications designed to prevent it from causing any further damage. Diabetes can damage eyes, heart, kidneys and feet amongst other complications.

    People who do not yet know their diabetes status must have their blood glucose checked. When a person has diabetes the blood glucose level is very high in the blood because there is not insulin or not enough of it to cause glucose to enter into the cells to produce energy. It therefore remains trapped in the bloodstream causing damage ion the process. This is what gives high blood glucose readings for people with diabetes. f you are taking medications you will need to continue taking your medications without stopping outside of your doctor's counsel or instruction to do so.

    It is also worth your time and important to know what is called diabetes ABCs. A stands for A1C test. This is a test that seeks to establish your average blood glucose levels in the last three months. It is done by your doctor at least twice each year. If you already have diabetes, the goal is to have an A1C score of under 7. B stands for blood pressure. Blood pressure measurements are important for all individuals in general across the population. However there is a special requirement for your blood pressure to be checked if you have diabetes. Your blood pressure readings are aimed to be below 130/80mmHg when you are diabetic. The combination of high blood pressure and diabetes can be deadly is left to its course.



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