TopicHow to Attract Girls - Learn How You Can Attract That "One Girl"

  • Wed 20th Mar 2019 - 11:29am

    Women sometimes gossip about other women and this Language of Desire Review is something that scares men off. Men like the opposite - lovable and are not rumormongers. Be catty only when you are with your gal pals. If men find you as someone unique (which is what attracts them in the first place), then you are sure to capture his heart. Make him see that you are different from the rest of them; show him that you are captivating, amusing and clever. Furthermore, never discuss the same old subject matter over and over. Instead, go for topics like newsworthy stories or current events; that way, he will start to see you as a sophisticated type of woman.

    I mean heck, I could beat most of these guys at Halo, but their muscles and jokes would put me to shame in social conversations. When it came to girls I was never the best. The wost part was these lead males, would make fun of me anytime I got close a girl. Fortunately for us, there are ways to actually learn how to become the lead male. No you don't need to become a jerk, or down talk your friends. If you want to learn how to become an alpha male all you need to do is learn how to become "chill". When I was hanging out with my friends, the most popular guy never put other guys down. In fact when others put him down he'd laugh and brush it off.

    In order to be an lead male you need to state your mind, you need to be positive, but most of all you need to be chill. If someone makes fun of you, just laugh, brush it off, and go on with what you were talking about. Heck feel free to tease the guy back. The alpha male is never to concerned with what's going on, because everything works out for him. The funny thing is everything usually works out, because he's not too uptight about everything. This may seem backwards at first, but this is the best way to learn how to become an alpha male.

    As a woman, having an attraction to someone is normal. Being interested with the opposite sex is a part of life, and one way or another, you will be encountering it. However, some women find it hard to approach a guy they like. Sometimes they are content with scribbling their name on their diaries and on a piece of paper. Some women also settle for daydreaming, and seeing their crush pass by, hoping that the man would approach them. Knowing guys as it is, they have this attitude which spells compartmentalization, and most women would think that guys are ignoring them when they are giving out signs. If you are attracted to a guy and want to pursue your longing to be with him, you can try these seven simple tips.


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