TopicHow Making Decisions Can Make a Change in Your Life

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 5:34am

    Attitudes are part of knowing where we are. What kinds of Unlocking Transcendence Review  habits of thoughts or attitudes do you have each and every day. Your attitudes as some have said determined your altitude. When we can see from the 30,000 view point, we have a greater clarity of our purpose in life.

    A final reason why we need to know where we are rests with our own Self Leadership Skills. These strong interpersonal skills help us to travel the Road to Success. Without them, we would likely falter in this personal race.

    By recognizing this critical success factor of knowing where we are right now will help us to reach the success we envision for ourselves. Take the time to look at your strengths, know your purpose and commit it to writing and put a Goals Action Plan together. You may be quite surprised by how quickly success comes to you.
    Isn't it time you broke through the invisible barriers that keep you struggling I believe that we are all created brilliant, artistic, creative, and loving. It is our past, or our emotions connected to our past, that keep us stuck. A "Breakthrough" is the ability to create a rapid change, a shift in thought, a synchronistic event, an 'Ahha' moment that allows us to let go, to move through an invisible barrier, and to radically change at any given moment. Can change be easy or is change hard Isn't that the question

    I have been through a lot of changes in my life. I spent fourteen years of my life from ages 18 to 32 as a practicing addict and alcoholic. My addictions took me to a place of struggle, despair, incarceration, and to living with my parents at age 31. I had suicidal thoughts, believing that I could not end my insane behaviors. I felt unlovable, unemployable, and unworthy, with my selfesteem so low that I was consuming a gallon of vodka a day just to dull my pain. I did not believe that I could change.

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