TopicDevelop Your Personal Power and Make the Motivational Shift Into Success

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 11:30am

    Does owning a successful business mean that we are successful The Longevity Blueprint Review  What might we have done to achieve that success Have we been dishonest and deceitful, have we trampled over other human beings to get there Have we ruined relationships and made enemies of friends Have we filled the world with negative, toxic energy What are the real consequences of this success

    We can stop all that by BEING successful rather than striving to BECOME successful. So, can we be successful and experience success NOW or must it be in the future Do we have to wait 3 months, a year or 10 years before we can BE successful The point is that we can only be successful now, in this present moment, even if we have to wait 10 years it will always happen in the now.

    So it seems to me that rather than wait for something, usually something materialistic to happen before I can consider myself a success it would be wonderful if I could be successful now and I believe that I can do that very simply that doesn't mean easily! by just being who I am now and from there put as much quality as I can into this moment and whatever I am doing in it. I need do nothing more than live this moment the best way I possibly can to be successful. I can never do anymore than my best so how could doing it possibly be anything less than successful.

    I'm not suggesting that we don't try to better our material standing, that we don't try to become millionaires if that's what we want to do but it's such a shame than the majority of us humans need to achieve something to feel successful.


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