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  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 11:22am

    I had been overweight for a years and of course was trying all the programs. Biogenic Ketones Review 

    I read somewhere that starting a journal about your weight loss can help you and blogs were popping up everywhere so I decided to start a weight loss blog. The cool part about the blog was it was helping me loose weight by keeping a record on all my dieting and exercise. I was writing down what I was eating in every blog and being honest with myself if I ate too much or had junk food.

    The weight loss blog provided a weird sense of accountability because I knew the whole world could be watching and I didn't want to let them down. Slowly and steadily my blog helped me shed some pounds and the proof was on the blog. I could see all my diets and habits changing before my eyes. It took me about two months before I saw results, but after that I noticed I had dropped a few inches and I felt better. I think blogging about losing weight had something to do with that.

    The other great aspect of blogging was after about a month or so I started making money from my weight loss blog. Who couldn't use a little extra cash right? So not only did I lose weight with a blog, but I was making another $50 from talking about how to lose weight and reviews on different foods and diets I was trying to help me lose weight fast.
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