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    Another thing to screen: Red Sox relievers' walk rate has spiked to 15.2 percent this postseason, from 9.8 percent in the consistent season (which was MLB's ninth-most noteworthy) - because of Kimbrel's precariousness, in addition to Barnes (6 1/3 innings, six strolls), Heath Hembree (3 1/3 innings, four strolls) and Brasier (7 innings, four strolls). The Dodgers are very much prepared to exploit strike-zone issues, having driven the Majors in walk rate this season (10.2 percent). L.A. likewise swung at the most reduced level of all rival pitches (43.5 percent) and had the least pursue rate out of the zone (23.8 percent). So don't anticipate that the Dodgers will assist rivals battling with control.

    Martinez will play each diversion for the Red Sox. He's too great a hitter not to, and director Alex Cora affirmed as much on Saturday. That will make some intriguing inquiries for Games 3-5 at Dodger Stadium, where Boston will have no assigned hitter. In the event that Martinez plays right field, will's identity the oddball of the lineup? Against a left-gave starter, Betts would almost certainly move to focus field, and either Bradley or Andrew Benintendi would sit. Bradley appears the likelier alternative to sit. In any case, against a righty - and Walker Buehler appears to probably begin one of the diversions in L.A. - when the Red Sox may need both left-gave bats in the lineup? Indeed, perhaps they could go flighty ... what's more, play Betts at a respectable halfway point, where he used to play in the Minors and has filled in crises in the Majors. Cora left the entryway open, however Boston would need to gauge a considerable measure of variables.


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