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  • Fri 1st Sep 2017 - 8:29am

    Be Honest with Yourself

    You need to know yourself inside out before you can make claims to being successful. A person who doesn't know who he is has no way of knowing where he's headed or what he wants in life. What are your weaknesses and what are your strengths?

    What traits of yours are liabilities and is there a way you can Manifestation Masterkey  convert them into an asset. If not, can they be overcome? As for your assets, how can you make them stronger, how can you maximize their potential? Unraveling and understanding who you are is one of the most important success secrets.

    Plan your Work and Stick to the Plan
    The majority of people fear success. Fear of the unknown, low self-image and fear of failure are factors prevent us from setting and, more importantly, achieving our goals. Fear is largely the result of the conditioning process. Parents sometimes, in trying to protect them from disappointment in life, stop yearning or aiming for more than they have achieved in life and this attitude of "be happy with what you have" is permanently enforced upon their children. This is all about mindset.

    The pattern is then set for life, a pattern of:

    1. No goals in life as they do not understand the importance thereof.

    2. Fear of taking on any challenging tasks.

    3. Feeling beaten before attempting.

    4. Being influenced by third parties to such an extent that they have no control over their lives.

    5. Low esteem, blaming luck or fate for their failures.

  • Thu 18th Jan 2018 - 10:47am

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