TopicMexican Peso Rides Crude Oil to New Highs

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 6:25am

    Learn from the professional. Beginner traders concentrate Renegade Crypto Club Review on how much money they are going to make, whereas professional traders look at how much money the system they just bought would loose, If the market went against them. Do not get greedy on your early days when you are still testing a new system. Trade small lot sizes and expect to make small profits with the maximum amount of trading margin you can master. Logic does not work when day trading the for ex market, more especially within traditional parameters. If it did, everybody would be making money. You watch the new system for a while and conclude that the initial stops are too large. This is confirmed when the first losing trade occurs, and it is several times bigger than the winning trades you conclude that the system has no trading logic and is bound to lose.

    Can computers really replace humans in doing delicate and extremely difficult tasks such as trading? I believe the answer is no, certain tasks such as translation, problem solving and trading can be aided by computers and have been to a great extend, but they can never be carried out exclusively by computers. That being said, you have to realize that forex trading is not the rocket science you think it is, it's easy to simulate, and easy to design algorithms and computer programs for. The task is to save time, and not sit at a computer screen all day long, let alone that the forex market trades 24/5 so one day is not enough, you would have to trade 24h to be as efficient as these forex robots.

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