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  • Tue 22nd Aug 2017 - 7:27am

    The attention of the trading community has been channeled to the new Pips Wizard Pro Review IvyBot trading software. Because of its increase in popularity it is predicted that it would probably become one of the most prominent trading robots for this year.

    Reviews talk that it is 100% automatic and delivers impressive results. Accordingly, the source states that it is easy to install and is user-friendly. It also claims a lot of innovations beneficial to the novice trader. To settle all these claims, this article seeks to present the favorable and not so favorable comments, and observations of the IvyBot. You can verify all these statements by partaking of the demo software and trying it out.

    The IvyBot is fully automatic and therefore does not necessitate that the trader is always beside it. This gives the trader plenty of time for the family or for other productive activities. Fully automatic means that you would just have to make the preparations in setting-up the software and you can leave it to do all the trading. It can do this independently of the trader.

    The software is affordable and can easily be availed of by the novice trader. Its 60 day money back guarantee allows the traders to fully experiment and learn of what the robot can do for them. In the event that the trader sees that the software does not fit his needs then he can easily return it and his money will be refunded with no questions asked. A feature of the software is its ability to update itself. Every week the software will incorporate recently passed data into its databank. This makes it capable to flow with the changing market and produce good results. Another feature is that the software can trade in four currency pairs. Other robots can only trade in single pair currencies. This innovation enables the software to reach other markets covered by the other currencies.

  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 7:02am

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