TopicHow to Win Solo Q Pt 1 - Pre-Match

  • Mon 13th Feb 2017 - 10:47pm

    Hello Gigantic community, your #1 Ranked Gigantic player Rezoahc (and more recently UrekMazino01) coming to you for a 3 part series on my experiences in solo queue and how to win. Let's begin.



    Winning solo queue, or any game for that matter, starts before you even load into a match. Although probably not as important as in-game decisions, this part of prepping yourself for your next match is of vital importance and can effectively give you the opportunity, or completely shut down the possibility, of a win.



    The first thing you must ask yourself before going into a match is a simple one: "Do I want to win?" If you are going into a match to complete fortune cards for heroes you do not play well, partying with friends or strangers of unknown or sub-par skill (for fun of course), or are learning a new hero, winning is NOT YOUR PRIMARY GOAL and to expect anything but a loss is deluding yourself. For motivations such as the ones above, your goal should simply be to get better as a player and not care about the results of the match. If a player truly want to come out victorious, he or she must do everything in their ability to gain an advantage. This includes not handicapping themselves by playing heroes they are not proficient in or partying with players that are not skilled.

    Hero Select

    Hero select, in my own experience, is the most common area where players begin to lose before they even play the game. When choosing your hero you must consider 2 things: what your team needs and what you can play well. A well balanced team comp generally encompasses 3 things: ranged pressure, melee burst, and support/disruptors. A good rule of thumb is 2 ranged (Charnok, HK, Beckett, Voden, Mozu, Imani), 1 assassin (Tyto, Tripp, Wu), and 2 support/disruptors (Wu, Sven, Xeno, Aisling, Knossos, etc.). Remember, these are more guidelines than absolute rules. A balanced team comp allows for your team to have a good mix of damage, peel, and opportunities to counter-engage. Refusing to fill your team because you really want to play Tripp when there's 2 assassins already on the team can significantly hamper the pressure and map control your team can exert and prevent you from possibly carrying your team because no opportunities can be made. With this in mind, you also have to consider the reality that as a player, you are stronger in some areas than others. For example, I know that my profiency to play supports is severely lacking compared to what I can do on melee or ranged. If I see a team comp of Beckett, HK, Margrave, and Tripp, I could go Sven to fill out the team comp. However, because my Wu is stronger than any support I play, I choose to fill out the team with a disruptor rather than a typical healer. Weighing whether or not you will help the team better by filling out the team with a better roster or assisting your teammates with a hero you can simply perform stronger with is a decision you have to make yourself. Be realistic with your analysis of your strengths and weaknessess and adjust accordingly. 

    At this time, you should also be considering how your hero synergizes with the other heroes on your team. Are you setting up a Wu tongue for your margrave? Are you peeling for your squishy ranged? Will you be following up on the damage your imani is doing? Think of a few various scenarios where your hero will assist or capitalize on the abilities of your teammates as well as how you will need to play in order to make sure they survive.

    Player Loading

    In this stage of the game, you will first see the enemy team composition. Immediately do two simple things: recognize easy kill targets and be aware of heroes that counter yours. For example, Tripp counters Mozu, but Knossos counters Tripp. Preparing your mind for the prey-predator relationship that is Gigantic will help you automatically search for opportune moments while also honing your sense of situations that you need to avoid. Furthermore, do the same mental exercise for the enemy team that you did for yours. See how their comp works together, what plays they most likely will go for, places on the map they need to take control of to be the most effective, and heroes on the enemy team that can combo together.


    This ends the first part. I hope this has helped. I'll write pt 2...soon-ish.

  • Fri 31st Mar 2017 - 2:12pm

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