Topic Soul Food: 5 Secrets to Renew, Recharge and Be Happy

  • Mon 20th Aug 2018 - 11:19am

    I am grateful for the contrast of things I absolutely The Brain Stimulator Method Review do not want, or do not agree with. They sharpen my vision of what I do want and inspire me to strive towards those things. Sometimes it is in knowing what we don't want, that we figure out what we do want.

    I am grateful even for personal tragedies and illness. Events like these may make us stop and appreciate many things in our lives, down to small details. They can remind us of what is really important to us. They may cause us to begin anew in some way. Maybe events of this magnitude bring us clarity and new direction.

    I am grateful for failures, loss, natural disasters, horrible acts by my fellow humans, and crooked politicians because they challenge me to action and problem solving. They cause me to decide what is really important to me, to my children, to the future. They challenge me to seek change. They may even challenge me to forgive myself and forgive others.


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