TopicNarcissistic Treatment Can Help To Save Relationships

  • Tue 10th Jul 2018 - 6:12am

    The commercial world distorts so many things in our Brain Plus IQ Review lives with attempts to make money regardless the problems it creates for every individual, that we are killing one another through many different ways only in order to make money.Ironically, those who should protect our mental health and gives us hope became marketers who are in fact generating mental health problems to the population. This is a shocking situation that proves the satanic origin of the human conscience. Only demons could have such behavior.

    Many people cannot believe that psychiatrists could mislead the population and have financial advantages thanks to the commissions they receive from the pharmaceutical companies for promoting their dangerous products, without thinking about the mental health of the human race. However, this is what is happening.In my mind a scientist is a person who applies his or her knowledge to understand the workings of our physical and mental world. By studying the evidence presented, a true scientist will further enhance our knowledge of the world we live in by considering all aspects dispassionately. However, a pseudo-scientist among us will only accept the evidence that suits him and will ignore the rest which does not suit him.

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