Topic3D Animation - An Introduction

  • Mon 9th Jul 2018 - 11:13am

    3D on the other hand, brings one more dimension to Xcoser Review movement. Each movement is called a 'frame' with each one moving gradually onto the next - giving it the illusion of movement and has only become possible with the advent of computers and complex software, which along with other things, cuts down on time and laborious task of hand drawings.In a nutshell, 3D animation is the craft of making an inactive, one dimensional object move with the help of computer software.The reality however is that it is time consuming, even with the help of computers. Consider that the human eye can really only take in a minimum of 12 'frames' per second of film. If a movie lasts 90 minutes this equates to about 65,000 individual drawings per movement, per character, not to mention backgrounds and other objects surrounding them.

    3D animators are first required to create a framework or skeleton of each character or object which are often referred to as 'animated variables'. From there these are improved, filled in, given expression, color, shading, lighting and emotion. This part of the process is lengthy and even with vast teams working together, can take years to perfect. Only when they are perfect in every detail can the animation process begin.3D animation is also very expensive, requiring not only vast amounts of man hours but also highly sophisticated software, advanced workstations and special effect 'laboratories'.

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