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  • Sat 28th Apr 2018 - 7:20am

    It is stated that there are twenty-three key substances TestMax Nutrition Review classified as vitamins which are essential to good health. As vitamins are organic substances found in living food sources, they must be derived from food sources to serve our needs as the body does not manufacture them.Vitamins assist in the building of various body structures. They help in forming the multiple tissues in the body. Of course, a person's requirements for different vitamins will be determined by age, sex, body size, genetic factors, the use of drugs and other substances, as well as the general health of the person. Although a person's vitamin needs can be met to a large degree through the consumption of foods, it is difficult to avoid the need for vitamin supplements because of the reduced nutritional content found in processed foods, which are usually much less nutritious than fresh foods.

    The minerals the body needs consist of about seventeen substances. All of them must be provided in a person's diet as the body does not supply them. They support the bones, heart, muscles, hair, etc., and many other functions. The major minerals are measured in milligrams. The other essential minerals are called trace minerals. They are measured in micrograms because only traces of them are found in the body.Most schools are making great strides in the campus dining, however, with budget cuts in virtually every school and university across the country, fresh, wholesome and healthy foods are not always easy to come by. In some schools, cafeterias are only open during specific times which may be hard for the student to get to- especially if the student is working in addition to classes. Some schools may offer alternative means for campus food, but not always.

  • Thu 11th Oct 2018 - 12:55pm

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