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  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 12:18pm

    Don't forget the daily physical exercise: Keeping Yacon Molasses Review physically fit goes hand in hand with a better and healthy eating for maintaining the cardiovascular systems. Physical inactivity can allow many unhealthy conditions to develop. From heart diseases to diabetes, many things can be prevented by staying physically active. A vigorous cardio workout 3 or more times per week will also help to keep your body weight and cholesterol levels in check. There are also a good many options when it comes to physical exercising. Try brisk walking for starters if you are new to exercise. Jogging, cycling and aerobics are more active forms of physical exercise. For those that need lower impact workouts, there is yoga, walking and swimming. Any increase in exercise will have a beneficial effect on your overall cardiovascular systems. And your heart will love you for it!Growing up, my salads consisted of iceberg lettuce with some carrots on top. My family had a "meat and potato" focus, so our salads were never very creative. I was convinced that I could never survive the day with only a salad for lunch; especially, while training for middle distance races in college.

    With up to 2 hours of track practice per day, I needed wholesome, nutritious meals to fuel and replenish my body. In college, I was more creative than I was at the family dinner table, but not much. I still had the mindset that a salad was not a sufficient meal and I needed to prepare for my workout and refuel afterwards with meat, potatoes and pastas. As I've learned more about nutrition, I now know that it is it okay to just eat a salad - as long as it's topped with the right stuff!The salads I eat now are filled with nutrients, including proteins, carbs, fiber and healthy fats. The best part is these nutrients come from whole foods, which refers to food in its natural state such as whole grains, fruits and veggies.

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