TopicHow to Meditate to Beat ADD

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 6:46am

    Brain deterioration and thinking decline are considered common characteristics of aging. However,  Brain Plus IQ  it is clear that not everyone goes down this slippery slope at the same rate or to the same degree. Individual differences in the quality of cognitive and brain function in old age suggest that deterioration and decay neither burden everyone nor need they be inevitable characteristics of ageing.

    Because of this common finding and the increasing aging population in many countries throughout the world, there is an increasing interest in assessing the possibility that partaking in or changing certain lifestyles could prevent or reverse cognitive and neural decay in older adults

    It is actually possible to grow new brain cells, new blood supplies to feed them, and reverse the damage that has been done. One hero in the piece is aerobic exercise. The other is working memory training.

    There has been much debate over the useful significance of growing new brain cells (adult neurogenesis ), therefore an important goal has been to establish its effect in living humans, away from the laboratory models and non human test subjects.



  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 4:53pm

    very good and informative post

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