TopicGoing to See a Massage Therapist for the First Time? Here's What to Expect

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 5:38am

    Pain with pressure or movement and sudden swelling are all symptoms of a sprain. The injured ligament Back Pain itself does not have a blood supply, but the vessels in the tissues surrounding the ligament cause the accumulation of inflammation within the joint.Along with the inflammation, bruising occurs because of the damaged blood vessels. It is not difficult to recognize a sprained joint, but in many cases when the ligament is torn or dysfunctional, it is best to have x-rays obtained to ensure there is not a fractured bone or a completely severed ligament.Whether it is a ligament that is torn or a muscle tear, immobilization along with possible surgical repair could be required. But first, immobilize the joint.

    Cold applied within a very short time of injury will help the joint swelling to not be as much and, will help decrease the swelling that is already happening. The cold application is typically used within the first 24 hours for it to help decrease and prevent swelling. After the first twenty-four hours, mild heat is then employed to increase circulation to the traumatized affected area.Most ankle sprains will benefit and have the pain subside with the application of a good anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and analgesic essential oil ankle sprain treatment.The alternating of hot with cold temperatures can easily reactivate the blood vessels and set the blood to move faster making the undesirable acids to be scattered. This in turn gives you a soothing of the muscles.





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