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  • Tue 13th Feb 2018 - 11:32am

    So what are you to do if you are a buy and hold Dominador De Loteria Review investor? I have heard repeatedly that the buy and hold strategy is dead. I don't believe that is the case but I do believe that you should be looking for other opportunities. One of these opportunities is through sort term trading called FTSE spread betting.Let me explain a little about FTSE spread betting. It is a method of taking a position in the FTSE 100 without owning the actual shares. You make your profits or losses based upon the whole market movement. You place a stake on that movement and you either win or lose depending on how the market moves.So what are the advantages of FTSE spread betting? Well it gives you an opportunity to go both long and short. If you think that the market is going up then you go long. If you feel that it is about to fall then you go short. You can even keep you individual long positions but got short on the FTSE as a way of hedging these positions.

    A further advantage of FTSE spread betting is that you don't have to pay tax in the UK. Your only charges are the spread of the trade, you don't even have to pay commission. All this means that it is cheaper than trading traditional stocks and shares.Is a loose aggressive strategy the best possible strategy in poker? Do you wonder about this too? It's annoying isn't it. Read this article to find out.A loose aggressive strategy is one where you play less then optimal hole cards and bet aggressively. Of course you play the really good hole cards too. By betting aggressively you intimidate, scare and trick you opponents to fold because they think you have a really good hand. This strategy also focuses on make the pot as big as possible with the big bets right? so that the win's are more.You can become a successful poker player. It doesn't matter who you are or if you haven't even made any money in poker yet, I know that you, like me, will become successful. You might use a loose aggressive strategy to do it or you might do it in your own way. The important part is that with diligent practice you will learn to be able to deal with any situation, and win!


  • Mon 2nd Apr 2018 - 7:57pm

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