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  • Wed 13th Dec 2017 - 9:56am

    If you find that you really are no longer able Jump to Win to financially support your horse, sell him while he is still in good condition. Many well-meaning but underfunded owners wait too long to sell, making the horse go without vet visits, farrier appointments, and a quality diet. If you cannot find the funds to care for your animal, you have to put his health and well-being first.
    If you feel intimidated by your horse, it's time to sell.

    Some may find that the animal's temperament has changed or an incident has left them too frightened to properly care for the animal. This is especially true if you are at-ease around other horses. Some may also find that the new animal they've acquired is quite different to what they had been accustomed to. Horses need to be matched to the right owner and even if the source of the fear isn't the animal's fault, it could time for a new owner to love him just as much as you do.

    The Hong Kong Cup is considered by many as Asia's equivalent to the Epsom Derby. Contested by horses three years and older and run over a course of 2,000 meters (approximately a mile and a quarter), the Hong Kong Cup has a prize fund of over two and a half million dollars. This race first started in 1988 and is now run every year in December.

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