TopicChristian Dating Tips For Men

  • Wed 15th Nov 2017 - 5:20am

    Dating can be tough, as many of us have found out through different life's experiences, it can also be the best thing you have ever experienced, and also the worst thing in the world. Here are a few more tips that I have found out through life's experiences that will hopefully save you some heartache, and help you grow closer to that special someone who you love!
    First things first. Girls like to be treated like Girls. When I say this, I mean that everything you think of in classic movies, and gentlemen stuff, girls like that. If I where a guy taking a girl on a date, I would open the door for her. Even something so simple will show a girl a lot of courtesy, and show her that you care. When Men open Doors for Women it will show the Women that you care and respect for her.





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