TopicFood Domestication and the Survivalist

  • Thu 29th Mar 2018 - 11:09am

    Additional steps include realizing what necessitated the Easy Cellar Review creation of your inner child; understanding why you adopted the survival strategies that you did; removing the displaced, but subconsciously perceived faces of your parental abusers from present-time others who may inadvertently trigger you, generating uncomfortable, anxious, or out-and-out fearful feelings; and realizing that most of your emotions and reactions have neuro-links to their early-life origins and times when you were neurologically, psychologically, intellectually, emotionally, and physically undeveloped, often creating present-time powerlessness and paralysis.

    Self-love is a slow re-climb of the mountain that abuse and alcoholism kicked you off of, necessitating your survival-level existence at its base. Yet the journey's progress can be measured with elevation gains, such as those at the plateaus of self- and other-acceptance, facilitated by the tool of trust.

    "Self-love is an indispensable spiritual element of the ACA program," according to the Adult Children of Alcoholics textbook (p. 436). "Self-love enables the adult child to backfill the love or nurturing we did not get as children. By loving ourselves, we stop the negative self-talk... self-love gives us a new pair of glasses... Unhealthy behavior is no longer 'normal' to us."

    Self-love, ironically, is eternal-parent given, but sometimes earthly-parent taken, and the detoured journey from your origin to your destination may be arduous and protracted. But where else, in the end, can you go except back to your intrinsic self and the love with which it was endowed

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