TopicSex after a man causes fear to do harm

  • Thu 15th Aug 2019 - 4:42am

    Provexum UK Sex after a man causes fear to do harm and makes him guilty before a child. In this case, take an active role in sex on yourself and under your control. Show your loved one that you should not be afraid, that you are still the same woman who no less wants him in bed than before. 6 reason. In no case should we postpone until tomorrow what they can eat today, as they say! So! You can not put off sex on ... - "Tomorrow I will definitely seduce my beloved husband !!!" Not! And once again - No !!! A couple, as they live without sex, risks remaining without it at all! The human body - such a thing, brazen and complex! This “fruit” very quickly adapts and adapts to everything. “No sex? Well, all right! ”And here hormonal failure is not far off and ... illnesses, illnesses, illnesses! And you need to be oh, how vigorous and strong, in order to give all your strength and energy to your baby. And your husband may develop a so-called “widower's syndrome” due to prolonged abstinence, which for his health has a no less negative color. And since we started talking about health. Physiological aspects of the question - why the husband does not want sex after giving birth? Injuries sustained by a woman after a natural birth may not be the most recent cause in this situation. The closer you are to your husband, and he is to you, the more pleasant it is to spend time in an intimate setting. But your muscles in such a lovely place may not be as strong and elastic as before. There are many physical exercises (for example, Kegel exercise - simultaneous squeezing of the muscles of the anus and vagina) and types of massage to return to female beauty and beauty in certain places of the original form and condition, as in prenatal time. If the consequences of the birth of your baby are more serious and the maternity hospital was not sufficiently well adjusted by the medical staff, then it is possible to apply for additional correction of the female’s genitals to the maternity hospital or to another medical clinic of your choice. And finally, dear women, do not despair! Take the bull by the horns and into the burning hut! And medicine, psychology and cosmetology of the level of the 21st century will help us with it! Good luck and good health to all your strong family! Today we are addressing this word quite easily, not always wondering what it really means.

  • Fri 16th Aug 2019 - 9:55am


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