TopicBritish Travel to Yorkshire - The mysterious land of "Howling Wind Hill", "The Twilight Saga"

  • Thu 15th Aug 2019 - 3:20am

    Yorkshire's mysterious world gradually appeared in windmill chimneys, children in small shapes rushed to flock sheep through Gordate Scar ravine to Stum Cross Caverns stream. This place is the prototype land for the famous literary work of Wind Hill and films of the same name.

    Haworth's ancient village - which is considered the inspiration for many mysterious characters who lost their souls in Emily Bronte's novel Jane Eyre.

    Howard Castle on the Howardian hill. It has a unique architecture, beautiful surrounding landscape with vast fields, dreamy gardens, lakes, etc. and stories of inspiring Howard royalty.

    North York Moors National Park has trails that crept between two limestone walls like a stylized and decorative curtain on a field leading into the park.

    On the gentle green grassy hills, there is a squat stone with a unique shape like the statue of Easter Islander connecting the story of a dead farmer's wife in a wild, foggy field and not long ago. later turned into stone.

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    Whitby horseshoe town: there is always a mystical atmosphere with monasteries and casket chocolate shops, horror-like decorations like human skulls. Every year there is also a Gothic festival where people will disguise as vampires, living zombies, demons, etc.


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