TopicHypothyroidism Foods - Lose Weight With These Hypothyroidism Foods

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 4:22am

    If you have put on weight and are feeling low and sluggish because of your 4 Day Thyroid Diet hypothyroidism you need to know which foods will get your body back to feeling great and get you back in control of your mind.In this article I'm going to run you through the foods which will help you and which will hinder your struggling thyroid.

    You need to go for foods rich in the amino acid tyrosine. This is because tyrosine combined with Iodine create thyroxin. This is an essential hormone produced by the thyroid gland.

    Your hypothyroidism foods should also include foods rich in iodine. Check out these foods below:

    1) Sea kelp

    2) Seaweed

    3) Most Fresh fish

    4) Fish oils

    5) Iodized salt

    6) Condensed milk

    You need to really try to listen to and feel how these foods react with your system. Try to really take notice of how you feel around 40 minutes after each meal. As you do this you will become more in tune with your body.

    As you do this you will also notice that some of my recommended hypothyroidism foods help more than others and you can increase these in your hypothyroid diet as you go.

    Please do not attempt any fad diets as you need to always stay on a healthy eating plan. Fad diets are ALWAYS unsustainable in the long term. You need a diet that will be perfectly tailored to your needs.


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