Topic Reduce Energy Costs With Home Solar Panels

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 1:58pm

    Wouldn't it be just great to PREVENT the heat from coming inside Smart Energy Box in the first place instead of paying to eject it AFTER it has entered your home?

    What radiant barrier attic foil does is BREAK this path and keep the radiant heat from getting in. Instead of absorbing the heat, like a majority of products, radiant barrier REFLECTS a full 97 percent of the radiant energy. Basically, it bounces the radiant energy back to where it came from. There's no need to worry about increased roof temperatures. Studies indicate that roof temperatures only increase between 2 to 10 degrees on roofs equipped with radiant barrier.

    After you have installed a radiant barrier, the maximum surface temperature of the insulation will generally be limited to within a few degrees of ambient (that is, outside) air temperature. Most folks appear to always talk about a "Cooler Attic." That's nice, but what we really want is the TOP of the insulation to stay cooler. By reducing the gap between outside/inside surface temperatures, you will have the key to comfort and energy savings.

    Certain companies make fantastic claims of 30-50% savings by installation of radiant barrier foil insulation. Don't get taken in by every claim that comes your way. Most of the time, "normal" savings are typically in the 10-25% range with some instances of savings of 30% or more being noticed. You need to be realistic with your expectations; the bigger the roof, the higher the percentage impact that radiant barrier will have. Certainly, radiant barrier can help any home to get rid of heat gain.

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