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Mon 16th Jan 2017 - 5:28am : Gigantic

A new Gigantic Open Beta patch is expected to roll out sometime in the next week. Although Motiga has not released any official information about the patch, it is expected that there will be plenty of new content. ApeX speculates we will see new skins, new balance changes, and a new hero, all of which is extremely exciting. 

Our best guess is that the next hero to be released will Pakko, the lovable tundra titan. Pakko is a utility-heavy bruiser/brawler who accels at locking down targets and setting up plays for his team. Although there are other melee heroes in Gigantic already, none fill the exact role that Pakko will likely find himself in. Margrave is also great at locking down targets, but he is more bulky than Pakko and is forced to play less safe since he is forced to launch himself into a fight to be effective. Knossos is a great bruiser character, but he lacks the utility and self-sustain to be a viable as a solo brawler. Wu does a great job of fitting the in-and-out playstyle of a traditional bruiser role and has a relatively safe engage option, however he mostly deals single target damage and lacks team utility. Tripp and Tyto fill a much more assassin-y role by being extremely agile with lots of options for widdling targets down and then finishing them off with burst damage. 

Enter Pakko. Pakko's tools allow him to engage safely, without needing to put himself in harm's way. He is also very durable with options to self-heal and armor up, while debuffing his enemies. Finally, he can provide his entire team with utility. He sports some nifty hard and soft CC options as well as mobility buffs that his entire team can utilize. On top of all of this utility, Pakko can pump out noteworthy damage. His damage mostly comes in bursts, which makes him an amazing engager and pick-maker. However, he also has DOT options to help control a teamfight after his initial burst of damage and CC. All-in-all, Pakko is sure to be a game changer. Whether it's solo queue or competitive 5v5, Pakko will bring a lot of new tools to a team's toolkit. 

Aside from this exciting new hero roster change, we will be seeing balance changes and bug fixes to improve the quality of life of players in-game. Patch notes have not been released yet, but ApeX will be releasing a video summarizing the changes in a competitive context. We are all very excited to share our thoughts about the patch and help players get used to the changes as quickly as possible. Gigantic is a game that is still in development so each patch is guaranteed to change how the game is played, possibly to a significant degree. We hope to get more details to all of you very soon!

Check back in the next week or so to view our patch review video! Until then, keep rampaging. 





Doug Armstrong

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