Gigantic at PAX West 2016

Thu 8th Sep 2016 - 8:26pm : Gigantic

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) West 2016 was just in Seattle this last weekend, and as expected, Perfect World Entertainment (PWE) and Motiga were showing off Gigantic in full force. Armed with 5 coaches from the Gigantic community, they endured hoarse voices and shaky knees to bring the audience another look at the exciting new title. As anticipated, PWE and Motiga were able to bring the hype.

A ton of people were excited to see the progress Motiga has made since the last series of PAX events, and the line to try the game was packed from open to close. Screams came from those waiting in line and Gigantic community coaches alike, as they cheered and gave advice to the players. Danielle 'FailcoPunch' DiFalco, one of the Gigantic community coaches, had this to say, "After each game, win or lose, people looked really excited about the game when I asked if they had a good time. They always told me they had played nothing like it before, and would stand around after the game was done asking me everything about it. It was really an awesome thing to witness!" Even after players left the booth, something kept players coming back. The community coaches saw several returning faces, and the official GoGigantic Twitch Channel saw almost two-thousand new followers over PAX weekend.

While new players were discovering their favorite heroes and rushing to wound the Guardian, a few groups of veteran players had some bigger goals in mind. Two separate groups of players chose to challenge the community coaches to a few friendly matches. The first team were Gigantic tournament winners from a past PAX event, One Pixel, so the community coaches knew they had a real test in front of them. Thankfully, the Motiga crew changed the map from Ghost Reef to Sanctum Falls to give the coaches an edge, so the series ended 2-0 in favor of the Gigantic community coaches. The second team was a group of players who tried the game at past events, and were eager to try their luck after watching the games One Pixel played. The developers did the coaches no favors this time, and left the map on Ghost Reef. After a hard-fought match, the community coaches ended the weekend undefeated.

Even though PAX West 2016 is just ended, players are hungry for their next chance to launch off the airship. Whether it was a casual player versus player game, or the next competitive title that PAX attendees were looking for, several players found a new excitement for Gigantic. With PWE and Motiga pushing the hype, and more opportunities for players to flood the queues in upcoming months, the hype will keep building.



Jason Boettcher

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