Gigantic Playtest This Weekend! 9/9 - 9/11

Thu 8th Sep 2016 - 7:25pm : Gigantic

There will be a closed Gigantic beta test this weekend (9/9 - 9/11)! If you have played in one of Motiga's playtests before then you don't need a new key. You can sign in to your Xbox Live or Arc account, download the most recent beta patch and start playing. The test is available on Xbox and Windows 7-10.

The Arc client now features a party system so you can group up with friends and coordinate your assault on the enemy guardian whether you are playing on Xbox or Arc. Get your friends involved so you don't have to battle alone! 

If you or one of your friends is in need of a key there are plenty of places you can look for one. A great place to start is by following us on Twitter @team_apexgg and tweeting at us asking for a key! Another option is to follow and contact any of our players on their personal Twitter accounts (listed below). A third great option for finding a key is to tune into a Gigantic stream some time during the playtest weekend. You can find a full list of streamers at any time by going to, tuning into a stream and simply asking for a key in the streamer's chat! Some recommended streams are GoGigantic, FailcoPunch, SharkJuggler and Rezoahc, so look out for them in particular. 

Our Team's personal Twitter accounts:


If you have any questions about Gigantic, feel free to tweet at us or ask your question here on our forums. We hope to see you on the field this weekend!

- Doug




Doug Armstrong

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