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Tue 6th Sep 2016 - 7:40pm : General News

We're back!

As a team we have been extremely grateful to the (recently renamed) Detroit Renegades esports organization for their branding support and industry advice during our time with them. It was a rewarding experience and we wish them the very best for their Challenger series EU team, their CS:GO team and their staff. 

However, with the change in ownership, RNG has chosen to release us from their brand and let us be free! We have embraced this opportunity and used it to become an even more thirsty, competitive group of individuals. A new logo, some new players and staff and a new website all mark the beginning of a new chapter for our competitive Gigantic team and we hope that the game will soon be ready to match our pace. 

If you haven't already, we invite everyone to try out the shooter moba Gigantic, by Motiga. It is a game we all love and it is the game and the community that we are supporting by creating this site. With the possibility of a 2016 open beta looming above us, we would like everyone to help each other prepare to make Gigantic's release a success by creating guides, fan art and streams, creating teams and team staff, and of course by playing the game!

Stop by today and sign up now OR send us a tweet and a follow @team_apexgg asking for a key and we may be able to help you ;)

Thanks again to RNG for the time we spent under their brand and thank you to the Gigantic community for supporting us no matter what name we are under!






Doug Armstrong

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